About us

GESTIV Bohemia s.r.o. has been operating in the Czech Republic since the year 2000. Our roots are Czech, and yet we have rich experience abroad. We’ll be pleased to export or import your goods using our contractual partners around the world, via air, sea, road, or rail transport. Naturally if needed we can also provide you with related services such as customs clearance and shipment insurance.

In cooperation with our worldwide network of foreign partners we have gained a wealth of experience in forwarding services, which we use today to satisfy our clients. Our goal is to deliver your goods worldwide safely and on time. We take a personal approach to every shipment and every client. Every shipment is important to us!

We are members of the IATA CARGO CASS international air association, and since 2020 we have been registered as an Approved (regulated) agent.


Air Transport

In the field of air transport we offer quick and high-quality services due to being headquartered right at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague. We are able to dispatch shipments in just a few minutes from their arrival at the cargo terminal.

We offer:

  • Worldwide air parcel transport
  • Express shipments
  • Charter flights
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Transport of refrigerated goods
  • Collection and distribution to/from all points in the Czech Republic
  • Shipment consolidation
  • Storage
  • Customs clearance for imports and exports
  • Clearance and neutralization of documents
  • Shipment insurance
  • Delivery notices, shipment tracking
  • Air transport consulting

Contact Information:
e-mail: sales@gestivbohemia.com
phone: +420 220 115 384; + 420 602 460 450

Air Transport

Sea Transport

If your main concern is economy of transport rather than speed, sea transport is the ideal solution. We work with shipowners and partners at ports worldwide and thus can offer a wide range of options for sea links to/from the entire world, including full service, accessory services at ports, and inland shipment delivery.

  • Container shipment
  • Seaborne collection service
  • Shipment consolidation
  • Handling of all documents

e-mail: salesman@gestivbohemia.com
phone: +420 220 115 384; + 420 737 079 805

Sea Transport

Land transport

As a part of our company’s expansion we decided in 2012 to likewise expand our portfolio of offered services, and our land transport division was founded. No matter whether it’s about export or import, we’ll take care of transport to all countries of Europe for you using our verified contractual partners’ vehicles.

We offer:

  • Package pickup and delivery to suit your requirements (via trucks or van)
  • transport via collection service
  • ADR transport
  • Refrigerated transport
  • Transport of oversized loads

Contact Information:
Cirkusová 2196
190 00 Praha 9
Horní Počernice

Phone: +420,605,970,402, +420 774 999 272
E-mail: dirtruck@gestivbohemia.com

Land transport

Rail transport

Simple and financially undemanding solutions for your transport when speed is not your priority. This is an especially good fit for large parcels, automobiles etc.

We offer:

  • transport in containers
  • transport of heavy and oversized loads
  • transport continuity (road – train – road)

Contact Information:
e-mail: info@gestivbohemia.com
phone: +420 220 115 384

Rail transport

Transport insurance

Thanks to our many ye`ars or experience and knowledge from the field, we can take care of transport insurance for your shipments above and beyond a transporter’s typical responsibilities. Insurance is primarily for parcels’ owners (sellers or buyers). We offer insurance on the risk of a package’s loss, destruction or damage, if anything happens to it during transport, loading, unloading or storage.

Contact Information:
e-mail: gestivbohemia@gestivbohemia.com
phone: +420 739 377 690


  • Releasing goods for free circulation mode, export mode, or customs procedures with economic impact.
  • Issuance of documents in transit mode (T1, T2, or T5), issuance of certificates of goods’ origin, and issuance of transport documents (CMR).
  • Shipping of parcels in DE into transit mode, release and transport of containers from ports.
  • Neutralization (exchange) of documents during import from third countries within the EU.
  • Provision of guarantees for customs debts in all types of operations, keeping records for procedures with economic impact (in electronic form).
  • Keeping simple procedures (in electronic form): Representing companies in customs, administrative, and tax proceedings in relation to customs authorities; keeping INTRASTAT records.

Contact Information:
e-mail: import@gestivbohemia.com
phone: +420 220 114 796; 605 245 147



Company headquarters

K Letišti 57/1049
161 00 Praha 6

Correspondence address

K Letišti 57/1049
161 00 Praha 6
IČO: 26192535
DIČ: CZ26192535
Data address: nya7926

Phone: +420 220 116 511, +420 220 115 384
Mobile: +420 739 377 690
E-mail: gestivbohemia@gestivbohemia.com, gestiv.bohemia@volny.cz


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